Weighted Blanket Wholesale in USA, Please Select This Factory

In the United States, weighted blankets have become a helper for many people to solve sleep problems, anxiety and other problems. As a result, the weighted blanket wholesale business is becoming more and more popular. 

But finding a suitable weighted blanket factory in the United States is not easy. Many businessmen choose to wholesale from China at a lower cost. Where weighted blanket manufacturers can offer cheaper and better weighted blankets.


We are weighted blanket manufacturers from mainland China. In recent years, many companies around the world have chosen to place orders from our factory. We can meet the different custom needs of users.

With regard to weighted blankets:

Sensory Goods' Weighted Blankets continue to change lives by giving families and individuals the sleep they desire and deserve. Our Weighted Blankets are known to provide therapeutic relief for those with autism, sensory processing disorder, developmental disorders, and more. However, the Weighted Blankets from Sensory Goods have been, and continue, to help those who do not have special need as well.

Our Weighted Blankets help regulate a normal sleeping pattern as well as calm anxiety and stress. Not only are Sensory Goods' Weighted Blankets effective, but they are made with high quality materials and diligent care. Along with the highest level of craftsmanship, Sensory Goods unique design keeps the Weighted Blankets modern, acceptable, and yet still therapeutic. Offering two filling options, Plastic Beads or Glass Beads, the Weighted Blanket's weight is evenly distributed in a quilted material hidden within the material of your choice where no one can see. They are washer and dryer safe. Also, Sensory Goods' Weighted Blankets are made to last, but we offer the most affordable Weighted Blankets, just in case you and your family want a NEW one! 

Every Weighted Blanket is custom made by hand once ordered, and shipped within one to two business days*. This makes Sensory Goods' Weighted Blankets fully customizable. You get to choose from a wide variety of color and pattern combinations, making your Weighted Blanket fit you and your personality. Not only that, but you get to choose the weight and filling material. Also, if there is a color and/or pattern that you want us to use but you do not see, then just let us know, and we will do our best to fulfill your order exactly the way you want it. 

Weighted Blankets Manufacturer competition is also very fierce, very lucky, as a very competitive enterprise, our products have always been popular.

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