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Why should I use a weighted blanket?


Though they were introduced to reduce anxiety and to help manage autism symptoms, weighted blankets have caught on in mainstream culture because of the benefits of improved sleep that users attribute to them. Weighted blanket lovers say that they find them to be calming, claim to fall asleep faster, and to toss and turn less through the night.

What's the difference between a weighted blanket and a heavy blanket?

A weighted blanket is typically filled with some kind of weighted material, usually beads made from glass or plastic, though some of the DIY options use rice or millet as filler. Part of the appeal is that a weighted blanket stays cooler than simply piling on more blankets.

A heavy blanket is simply a blanket that weighs a bit more but lacks the weighted filler. You could possibly layer two or more heavy blankets to mimic the cozy hug effect of a weighted blanket, but I'd save that combo for the winter deep freeze – it's likely to get hot under so many layers.

When looking for a weighted blanket online, beware of blankets advertised as "weighted" when really it's just a normal, unfilled blanket that just happens to be slightly heavier than usual. They may work as weighted blankets for kids, but rarely weigh enough to meet the guidelines for adults who typically need a blanket weighing 15-20 lbs.


Heavier than regular blankets, weighted blankets are filled with tiny plastic poly pellets or micro glass beads, which apply a gentle ‘hug’ like sensation on the user. This gentle stimulation encourages the brain to release neurotransmitters, such as serotonin, which are linked with wellbeing & sleep.

To prevent slippage & evenly distribute the weight, the beads or poly pellets are stitched into pockets inside the blanket. Weighted blankets also come in different weights & sizes to accommodate the size of each individual user.

These factors all contribute to the end price tag, which reflects the materials & labour required to make a good quality weighted blanket. 

Most weighted blankets were also originally hand or custom made (many still are) & whilst this can mean excellent quality & craftsmanship, it can also bump the price up.

Other blankets, such as Weighted Comforts’ COOLMAX? blanket use materials aimed at specific needs – in this case hot sleepers. Again, features like this will be reflected in the price.

So finding a cheap weighted blanket wasn’t always easy.

But the good news is – as they’ve gained in popularity, weighted blankets are increasingly being mass produced in a range of sizes to suit both children & adults.

This means there are now some much more affordable weighted blankets out there.

Here are 3 of the best weighted blankets currently available for under $100.

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