What Does The Magic Weighted Blanket Work on?

Weighted blankets are becoming more and more popular, whether they are insomnia or anxiety, or sensory processing disorders, they like to use weight blankets to solve. The weighted blanket does prove its effectiveness. Especially for insomnia, has the magic effect, then the question comes, what is the weighted blanket working principle?


The weight blanket can (and should) be similar to an ordinary blanket. In fact, at SensaCalm, we often get positive feedback from customers who know very well how our blankets are made into rugs-not "therapeutic blankets" or medical devices. We offer a variety of designs, colors and prints for custom thickened blankets. We also provide waterproof fabrics and double-sided hug fabrics, including printing and solids. If you fall in love with the fabric we do not provide, we will even make a custom order based on the fabric you choose.

However, unlike ordinary blankets, aggravated blankets are filled with hypoallergenic, non-toxic polypropylene particles. Sew the particles into separate pockets evenly distributed throughout the blanket. These particles give blanket weight, usually around 10 percent of the user's weight, and give or lose a few pounds according to individual needs and preferences. You can read more about our size and weight guidelines FAQ page.

Another accentuated blanket differs from a normal blanket in that they should be the size of a person's body, not their bed. The reason is that the weight blanket hanging by the bed will inevitably pull toward the floor.

How does the weighted blanket work?

It's possible. You have a lot of blankets. We are all familiar with blankets, how they work and what they do. You may even have a favorite blanket, or you may like to snuggle up while watching TV or reading. Perhaps as a child, you have a blanket, swaddling clothes or love with you (and may even refuse to stay). For many people, blankets are the most popular soothing and comfort tools-even if they don't realize it.

The weighted blanket uses the soothing, calming comfort of an ordinary blanket and combines it with a therapeutic tool originally created by autism researcher Temple Grandin. As a young man, Dr. Granding saw cows being guided through a compression device designed to secure them to vaccinations. She noticed that cows become calmer and more docile when they are squeezed gently.

Dr. Granding, a member of the autistic group, recalls that keeping and hugging as a child usually helps relieve her anxiety and sensory processing disorders. However, she remembered that, in some cases, hugging or hugging made her feel irritable or frightened. She wants to know how she can help people with autism and sensory processing disorders get all the benefits of hugging without restrictions or restrictions.

Using the concept of a extruder she saw on the farm, she built a similar device for people. Known as a extruder or hugger, she creates therapeutic tools that work by exerting firm but mild pressure throughout the body. Like hugs, it stimulates the release of oxytocin, a happy chemical in the brain.

As you know, weighted blankets are becoming more and more popular, and a lot of people are getting ready for a weighted blanket business. If you want to wholesale weighted blankets, we can provide you service, we are a weight blanket manufacturer from China.

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