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As a weight blanket wholesaler, you must want to find cheaper suppliers or manufacturers, you are lucky, because we are a weight blanket manufacturers cheaper than other manufacturers.We are a manufacturer from mainland China, our weighted blankets supply a large number of companies every year, our products are of good quality and fast logistics.


Weighted blankets wholesale for adults

You can wholesale not only adult weighted blankets from us, but also weighting blankets for children. We can maximize your needs, you can choose to customize their own color, size, weight and so on.

Most people have a hard time accepting that weighted blankets have a potential to help improve sleep. One thing they fail to understand is that these aren't just ordinary blankets as they contain certain components that encourage the body to release good hormones that help you fall into a deep and restful sleep. The gentle pressure weighted blankets put on your body causes you to feel grounded and secure. 

Regarded in the medical community as Deep Touch Pressure Stimulation, the mild pressure gotten from weighted blankets targets vital pressure points in the body that brings about a feeling of calm and safety. Just as an excellent massage, weighted blankets are known to promote a sense of peace and well being, which helps you fall asleep faster and deeper.

There is science behind the magical effects of weighted blankets, and if you haven't joined the business now, it's time to try. If you are already a wholesaler, you can get a lower price here.

Wholesale weighted blanket distributors USA

Weight blankets were born in the United States, the United States is also the most popular country weighted blankets. In the past two years, the weighted blanket market has heated up rapidly and the market space has been excavated.

I believe there will be a bigger market for weighted blankets in the new year, and if you're not already in the market, don't wait. If you want to distribute weighted blankets in the United States, you can order them from our factory, which is very cheap and of good quality.

Wholesale weighted blankets in Canada

Whether you are in Canada or not, as long as you are interested in doing the wholesale weighted blanket business in the Canadian region, you can order from us. As a factory, we can supply goods to wholesalers all over the world. Our production capacity is very strong, our equipment is numerous, can satisfy the supply.

You can customize the weighted blanket here

You can order your weighted blanket here. We have a lot of advantages. Here's a brief introduction:

We are a weighted Blankets manufacturer located in China. We provide both wholesale and online sales of weighted blankets service. We are proud of our complete production line of our product which includes 35 sets of single needle computerized quilting machines,6 sets of multi-needles computerized quilting machines,4 sets of computerized embroidery machines.

In many Weighted Blankets manufacturers, we have a clear advantage. Founded in 1991, our company has total assets of 700 million dollars and its primary business is feather and textile manufacturing. We have more than 2,200 employees and several production lines. In addition, our company has a significant advantage in all stages including material selection, production, packaging, inspection and logistics. Moreover, considering the size of our company, we are able to receive large-scale orders.

If you want to wholesale weight blanket cheaper, we are your best choice.

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