Weighted Blankets Manufacturer From China,High Quality and Preferential Price

Weighted blankets are gaining popularity, as more traders move into selling weighted blankets. If you are engaged in a weighted blanket wholesale, sales job, you should not miss this weighted blanket manufacturer.


We are a weighted Blankets manufacturer located in China. We provide both wholesale and online sales of weighted blankets service. We are proud of our complete production line of our product which includes 35 sets of single needle computerized quilting machines,6 sets of multi-needles computerized quilting machines,4 sets of computerized embroidery machines.

In many Weighted Blankets manufacturers, we have a clear advantage. Founded in 1991, our company has total assets of 700 million dollars and its primary business is feather and textile manufacturing. We have more than 2,200 employees and several production lines. In addition, our company has a significant advantage in all stages including material selection, production, packaging, inspection and logistics. Moreover, considering the size of our company, we are able to receive large-scale orders.

If you are just hearing about weighted blankets now, don't worry, we'll cover everything you need to know about what weighted blankets are, as well as why they are helping tons of people improve their sleep. 


The interesting thing about weighted blankets is that they have been around and in use for years with the special needs community. This is a typical pattern for therapeutic products. They are used first for those who need them most, then they slowly become mainstream as people realize that they can benefit almost anyone. 

The reason they have become mainstream is that people have started to realize that weighted blankets work for anxiety and typical sleep issues, and aren't just for children, but work great for adults.

Most adults, as well as children, could use a little extra help relaxing and improving sleep. 

Supply of weighted blankets in the United States, China and Canada has outstripped supply in many regions, driven by demand. After Thanksgiving in 2018, weighted blankets were even more popular in the United States. Many wholesalers are already ordering in China, many weighted blanket manufacturers, and weighted blanket manufacturers from China are even more to look forward to. Because China is a traditional manufacturing base with lower costs, weighted blanket orders are cheaper.

If you would like to order a weighted blanket, please leave a message in the "contact us" section on the front page of the website, and we will reply to your email in the first place. You can write down the size, quantity, material and so on you want.

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