A Weighted Blanket That Suppresses Insomnia And Anxiety is Popular All Over the World

Every day, millions of people around the world are suffering from sub-health problems, insomnia, anxiety, stress, and these symptoms are painful, although there are many ways to solve them, but now weighted blankets are a better solution.


What is a weighted blanket?

A gravity blanket, also known as a weighted blanket, is essentially a cover that is marginally heavier than traditional duvets thanks to well placed weights, usually sewn into the hem in the form of rice or small glass beads.

Weighted blankets create the feeling of a gentle embrace similar to how a parent might swaddle a baby.

Gravity blankets are soft and comfortable, and create the feeling of a gentle embrace, similar to how a parent might swaddle a baby to sleep.

They come in varying weights, with the idea that you choose one which is approximately 10 per cent of your body weight to reap the de-stressing rewards.

What are the gravity blanket benefits?

The majority of people battling with anxiety also experience sleep problems. According to research, gravity blankets are just the ticket for combatting both anxious feelings and insomnia:


Speaking to Prevention.com, American therapist Donna Durham was impressed at how beneficial weighted blankets proved to be for her clients who were suffering from anxiety.

‘I had some clients who just then started incorporating it into their self-care,’ says Durham. ‘to the point where they would have a weighted blanket in their car, or in a special bag, so if they had panic attacks, they would use them to interrupt those attacks.’

There is research to back this up, with a recent study finding that 63 per cent of people reported lower anxiety after use.

Sleep problems

Weighted blankets are said to provide a calming experience, and the fact that they are heavier than regular blankets or duvets helps to decrease tossing and turning during the night. In the 2015 Journal of Sleep Medicine and Disorders, a study found that a weighted blanket helped those with insomnia sleep better, stating:

‘We found that sleep bout time increased, as well as a decrease in movements of the participants, during weighted blanket use.’

‘Subjectively, the participants liked sleeping with the blanket,’ the report continues. ‘They found it easier to settle down to sleep and had an improved sleep, where they felt more refreshed in the morning. Overall, we found that when the participants used the weighted blanket, they had a calmer night’s sleep.’

How do gravity blankets work?

The underlying science behind weighted blankets is down to Deep Touch Pressure (DTP). This is the theory that gently applying pressure to the body encourages the release of serotonin. Serotonin is a neurotransmitter most often associated with happiness and relaxation.

The underlying science behind gravity blankets is down to Deep Touch Pressure.

DTP is also said to reduce the production of cortisol, a stress hormone that induces anxiety-like symptoms such as increased heart rate, blood pressure, and muscle tension. Serotonin is also the precursor to melatonin, the hormone which regulates sleep.

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