20% of Sleepless People in Australia Are Stressed Out At Work

Psychological distress is an important cause of insomnia. Recently, Australian media reported that 20% of Australians suffer from insomnia due to work. In Australia, many people choose to add blankets as a sleep aid to relieve stress. Now this kind of weighted blanket has become popular in Asian countries such as China. It was born in America. It has now spread to the world. It uses the physical principle of "deep stress touch" to relieve insomnia.


A recent survey of Australian workers and their mental health has found that 20 percent of workers suffer from work-related insomnia.

According to a July survey of 5047 Australian workers, 20 percent had mental health problems, 45 percent of them humiliated in the workplace. Young workers between the ages of 18 and 24 feel the most humiliating mental health at work, according to data released by mental health group SuperFriend6 on Sunday.

"without a culture of trust or a good working relationship with managers, these people don't show psychological problems at work," said Ladden (Margo Lydon), chief executive of SuperFriend.

Economic losses in Australia, due to poor mental health, exceed A $12 billion a year, including A $200 million in employee compensation, according to the Black Dog Institute.

Insomnia caused the country's economic losses, for individuals and families, not so? Now, more people choose to return to sleep through a koala weighted blanket. Sleepless people just need to cover this quilt, can under the help of physics slowly decompress, empty oneself, thus better sleep.

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