Weighted Blankets Have Been a Popular Sleep-aid in Europe for the Past Two Decades

Weighted blankets were notable in 2018, and the quilts were snapped up in the United States. The recent online shopping Monday was snapped up online. In China, it also started a crazy performance, there are a lot of people choose it. All of this may be inevitable, as a position-weighted blanket has been popular in Europe for two decades.


The best and last weighted blanket deal of 2018

Weighted blankets are the most popular product we've featured this year, and they're back on sale and in stock.

It sold out everywhere Cyber Monday, crashed websites and became the no. 1 product and gift idea this holiday season. Now it is on sale for one last time - and likely in stock for one last time this year.

Despite all of my instance that weighted blankets weren't for me and I was not going to jump on the blanket bandwagon, I may eat my words today because this blanket that I wanted to hate is actually helping me sleep better!

Important note: not all weighted blankets are created equal and many of the so-called deals are tied to unsafe products or blankets with a weight distribution that will not actually help you. The no. 1 gravity-weighted blanket I've profiled is doctor-recommended and the most breathable of all weighted blankets available on the market.

For years, weighted blankets have been recommended by doctors and sleep therapists for those living with ADHD, autism, emotional distress and aching bones. Today that same sleep technology can benefit even the most restless of sleepers.

The feeling of a weighted blanket is designed to replicate the sensation of being hugged or held, which is why weighted blankets have been used for years to reduce anxiety in children. Weighted blankets provide what experts call “deep pressure touch stimulation” or DPTS. If you are someone who struggles to fall asleep or stay asleep, a weighted blanket can make a world of difference.

Weighted blankets have been a popular tool over the past 20 years in Europe and have helped people achieve a better quality of deep sleep. Now they're being used commonly in American households and throughout our region.

Features of the Plush-Top Gravity Weighted Blanket:

Top-rated and doctor-approved weighted blanket

Weighs in at the recommended 15 pounds to help you sleep

Size: 60 inches by 80 inches

Suited for individuals weighing 125 to 230 pounds

Improves deep REM sleep

Clinically proven to reduce stress and anxiety

Safe, non-toxic and hypoallergenic

Coolest weighted blanket on the market for the summer

Helps regulate your body temperature for winter sleep

Weight blankets for adults are the most popular, which does not mean that children cannot use weighted blankets. Instead, in the beginning, weighted blankets were designed for children to solve autism, ADHD problems and help them repair them.

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