Weighted Blankets Basically Feel Like the Best Cuddle of Your Life

Weighted blankets have been around for many years and have only recently been widely used. It can be said that the weight blanket experienced the test of the market and scientific verification, and finally broke out today. Good things don't pass away because of time.


In this case, scientific innovation has made its way into the bedroom, all in the hopes of aiding and solidifying your sleeping habits.A weighted blanket that is scientifically engineered to help you fall asleep peacefully and comfortably.

Weighted blankets are as heavy as 7-12 percent of your body weight. Their weight relaxes the nervous system by simulating the feeling of being held or hugged, which then increases serotonin and melatonin levels and decreases cortisol levels. These chemicals improve your mood and foster restful, consistent sleep.

To put it simply, weighted blankets basically feel like the best cuddle of your life, but without any weird sweat, annoying snoring, or awkward midnight bumping and poking. If you're not much of a hugger, they're less painful and/or weird than human contact.

The Weighted Blanket not only falls at around 10% of your body weight, it also features gridded stitching, super soft microfibers, and internal clasps, which keep the blanket securely in place inside the duvet. The blanket, which distributes the weight evenly throughout, hopes to altogether deepen the quality of REM sleep. And thankfully, both the blanket and the duvet are machine washable.

If you're picky about your color scheme or decor, the Weighted Blanket comes in three colors: Space Gray, Moon Ivory, and Galaxy Blue. The three options are versatile enough that at least one should be a fit for your bedroom.

Also, just in case you're hoping for an extra deep sleep, Gravity Blankets offers melatonin mists and even weighted sleep masks. Why? Because science that's why.

A weighted blanket is not expensive for most people. It's a great help for people's sleep, and it's an epoch-making product.Weighted blankets are now blooming in China, proving that good things cross borders and become more widely understood. The benefits of science for mankind will span the breadth of the Pacific Ocean.

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