The Weighted Blankets was Snapped up On Cyber Monday

This past Cyber Monday, the whole nation reveled and went shopping, and the weighted blankets were very popular, which could help solve anxiety, insomnia, hyperactivity disorder and many other problems.A weighted blanket is not cheap, and if it wasn't for a price cut, people might not be buying like crazy, even though it's very good.


If you suffer from anxiety-induced sleep problems, and you don’t already own an expert-endorsed weighted blanket, today is the day to invest in one. As part of Amazon’s seriously impressive Cyber Monday offerings, one of the most popular styles, the weighted Blanket, is 38% off. These blankets typically don't come cheap, and this rare deal helps bring the price down to a more reasonable level.

All three weights (15, 20, and 25 lb) of the Gravity Blanket are over $100 off, bringing the price down to $174.30. A good night's sleep is priceless, so this a pretty great buy, if you ask us. (The brand offers other color/size combinations, but they are not part of Amazon's Cyber Monday Sale.)

In case you aren’t in-the-know about the weighted blanket trend, here’s the deal: tons of people swear that these blankets, usually filled with polyfil or a similar material, help them fall asleep and stay that way throughout the night. While science supporting their use is pretty thin, some experts attest to their magic, including Tennessee-based therapist Donna Durham, MMFT. After Durham started recommending weighted blankets to her clients, she was surprised by their reactions: “They would be able to go from having trouble sitting still to ‘Hey, would you mind turning off the lights and letting me just sit here for a few minutes?’” she told Prevention in a previous interview. “I had some clients who just then started incorporating it into their self-care, to where they would have a weighted blanket in their car, or in a special bag, so if they had panic attacks, they would use them to interrupt those attacks.”

Additionally, one small study published in the Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine offered some scientific support, claiming that “grounding” the human body (which is basically what a weighted blanket does) helps to reduce the body’s production of the stress and anxiety-inducing hormone cortisol.

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